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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I’mmm Baaaccckk!

I haven’t written any entry since October and feel I have committed a sin that knows no forgiveness in the blogging world. For that my dear readers, I Apologize...

Anyways, as promised (from my last entry), I am attaching pictures from the Philippine School of Interior Design’s Caleidoscope exhibit. Numbers of designers are also included in case you are interested in their work (I don't have all their business cards but the numbers will help you). Please note that picture taking was not allowed so I just used my camera phone and some charm.. Enjoy!


                            Xy-za Armada - 09173474666
                            Terence Yu - 09175872988
                            Rauther Rivera - 09056630546


                                          Lynne Braganza - 09266203006


                                                         Karen Carillo - 09198310996


             They ran out of business cards when i was there - too bad!


                                                       Mariann Kristeen Ong - 09178939187

                            CINNAMON - My Favorite!!

                                                       Jiselle Colleen Chua - 09178009040


                                                       Marjorie Francisco - 09089009883                                 

                            CORNFLOWER - My other favorite!

                                           Star Florentino - 09178852627


                                                       No Card as well . . 

                           SAGE - My other, other, Favorite!

                                                       Emma Karseboom - 09175052788


                                                        June Park - 09274047828
                            Karen Lopez - 09065041345
                            Marjorie Jalos - 09278030553


                                                        Joanne dela Luna - 09163987886

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

David's Teahouse - My Chinese Comfort Food

It has been raining for days now. Manila has been hit by two storms in two consecutive weeks and the sky has been nothing but gray. So is this a weekly thing na?

Anyways, I've been crazing for some comfort food lately and I just can't put my finger on what it is. Is it Tinola? or Nilaga? Anything na may mainit na sabaw that will warm my heart (and stomach) and give me comfort to get through all of this sounds a very good idea.

On my way home, I saw a newly opened branch of David's Teahouse. I remember the time I ate at one about 3 years ago so I decided to give it a shot.

Chinese food to some maybe a far cry for a comfort food. Some find it too oily, some too salty. Well I think its juusstt riiight. . . Memories of gastronomically excellent dimsum flashed back so I told myself that that should do the trick.

So I setup an early dinner date with a friend to have my long awaited mainit na sabaw (in the form of Wanton noodles)

It had 4 dimsums on it and a stalk of Chinese Pechay (I think).

I also tried their Lemon Iced Tea which to me is better than the average iced teas found in other restos.

Then love came when the Dimsum Platter was served. Finally, been waiting to eat a decent dimsum for quite some time. Yuuuuummmmmeyyy!

I most especially liked the Hakaw (shrimp) among the siomai, four seasons, spring roll, shark's fin and the meatballs pictured below.

And of course, what's Chinese Food without a good Chinese Fried Rice. I ordered their Yang Chow Fried Rice. It had shrimps on it and pieces of asado meat, and vegetables like peas, carrots, and other good stuff. We also ordered chicken feet (which I don't eat) and radish cake with hoisin sauce. 

After (or before/during) eating, you can enjoy their complementary hot tea that they serve right after you arrive. A fitting way to mark the end of my appetizing experience with all the oil intake. 

I left the restaurant 20 pounds heavier and feeling more than stomach satisfied. It felt a little part of my soul was fed as well. A real comfort food! 

A bill of P800 for two is not bad at all. I have another invite to eat at David's tomorrow. And guess what?

I'm going.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eastwood City's German Festival - Car Show

As promised, I now have pictures of the Eastwood German Car Show.

There were two brands, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen on display. 

I was looking out the window before going there asking my self who in his right mind would park an expensive car out in the rain since it was pouring hard that day and the day before. 

Apparently, people still want to show their babies. I noticed that these cars are lovingly maintained by their owners since it kinda look like old models but still road worthy. I guess they think it is their personal brand of wine. Gets better with age. 

Though I was wishfully thinking of seeing the latest top of the line German car like an Audi, or a BMW, or even an Opel, or better yet a PORSCHE!, I got contended snapping a few pictures and going to mcdo afterwards to comfortably enjoy a large french fries and nibble away the wet, dark, friday afternoon that was. 


I didn't get to watch the choral show.. I'm not sure what happened. 

Here are the pictures: